Sales Order Forms

I created a form with source table as sales line with no, quantity, ship,qty to invoice and added the form in Line menu item sales order form. when I open that menu item the newly form opens. My condition is that when I enter the values quantity, qty to ship, qty to invoice in newly created with related item no then those values should insert in sales order subform.
My problem is that when I open the form all values of sales line table are displaying. I should get only the no that I entered in sales order subform…can you say me how can I solve the problem…

How can it know that you entered These entries you have entered . SO that is the Reason it displays all Records in Sales Line Table .
What you have to Doo ???
Ans:= you should Create a Filter So that Onvalidate of that field Setrange the Page So only Filtered Values will be Displayed.
Said that i wont Suggest you to do that in same form that is used in Sales order Page.
Make a new page/Form So that it resembles you requirement.