Sales Order Explosion


I am creating purchase order automatically by using sales order explosion. Its working but if i have 1qty in stock and i create sales order of 5 qty so system is creating purchase order of 5 qty. Purchase order should have create of only 4 qty but it creating of 5 qty. Can anyone tell me how system will create purchase order only for shortage( 4 qty) qty. I am using AX 2012 R2.

Please find the given below screenshot for more information.



There is no screen shot.

Please also include the item coverage configuration.

Also what happens if you DONT run the sales line explosion but run a full regeneration?

Item coverage configuration is site-style-warehouse. Same things happen when run a full regeneration.

Still no image.

So it is down to a) where the stock is or b) your item coverage settings.

Please check this item coverage setting.