Sales Order Error

Dear All

When i post Sales Invoice in AX2012 below error come

“A ledger is required to complete the currency calculation”

We are using Intercompany…

Any one knows about this issue…this is very urgent please
Warm Regards


Check your both companies Ledger accounts related to Sales order. Check whether ledger accounts are assigned in “Item group” form > Sales order (tab). You might not created the chart of accounts for sales order and did not assigned them to item group.

If your creating Sales order in company A, then in inter-company it can be a purchase order… So, I suggest you to check the ledger accounts for both Sales order & purchase order and assign them in Item group form and then post the SO.


Dear Sarathy

Thanks for your reply, but my issue had been solved, just we canceled the return order & again we created return order & posted this is done.

Warm Regards