Sales Order error.

Hi All,

I could able to create the sales order header and after selecting the item ,When i enter the amount in the sales order line system throw the below error

Dimension set value ? - ? on set DEPT+CC is not authorised on hierarchy All for account 1101.

What is the problem.

You have a dimension hierarchy set which limites the dimensions and combinations that have been specified or need to be specified. The entires on the line are outside of the configured allowable values. Therefore it is not really a problem, it is just that you need to specify valid dimensions.

Main thing to notice is, the problem is not coming because of you entering the amount…As Adam told it is due to dimension sets…at the SO header level click the Dimensions tab, in the three dimensions fields if you click the drop downs you will get to see the “allowable” dimensions. Selecting the allowable dimensions will resolve the problem…However, to understand in depth u should have a look at Dimension sets and dimension set rules…

Thanks Adam & Santosh,

Problem solved .[:D]

Could you explain what is the use of the Dimension Set rules in the Chart of Accounts ?


I will suggest you yo go through the manuals… You will get replies here but these are basic questions and at begining stage you should have good grip. If you are posting doubts, that will be much better.


You could have 20 cost centre dimensions of which 5 are valid at site A (also a financial dimension). Dimension set rules mean ONLY those 5 are selected. In addition the controls on teh account define whether the financial dimension should be populated prior to posting. It all ensures the integrity of the financial data in teh system.