sales order - different delivery dates


One customer place the sales order - for qty - 100 KGS

But he mentioned two different shipmment dates

11/26/2009 - 75 KGs

12/ 02/2009 - 25 kgs.

Now how to create this sales order with two different delivery dates in Navision.

Please explain me .

you have to make two order for each shipment date.

Or 2 lines

Partial shipments( and invoicing, too) may be done in one SO.

Look at the field Qty to Ship - it by default is equal to Qty, but you may change it (in your case to 75) and post the shipment. After this first posting, Navision will even update these fields accordingly, Qty remains 100, Qty Shipped = 75, Qty to Ship = 25.

The same applies to invoicing - you may invoice the part already shipped, or wait until complete Qty is shipped - that for is field Qty to Invoice.

thanks friends,

i know these two solutions.

except these is there any other solutions .

I can’t imagine even theoreticaly, what else coud be - two different SO’s, one with partial shipments, one with two lines (subset of partial shipment) - what else? [:)]

Gete if you already knew these two solutions, then why didn’t you say that in your original post. You should say what you have tried already AND VERY VERY IMPORTANTLY explain exactly WHY you can’t use these solutions.

So… why can’t you use two lines? If you answer that maybe you can get some solutions.