Sales order Details Report

Hi Guys,

I am developing a report containing some Sales Order lines details. I need to include back order quantity in Kg and back order amount in company base currency in my report. Can someone help me to create a code to calculate and show back order amount in base currency.

consider the company base currency is USD, the requirement is,

back order quantity = SalesLine.RemainInventPhysical (Its already there)

  1. If the SalesPrice is in USD : Back order amount = SalesPrice * RemainInventPhysical

  2. If the SalesPrice is other than USD: the code should check the field FixedExchange rate in the salesTable, If it contains a value the formula should be

Back order amount = (FixedExchange rate * SalesPrice) * RemainInventPhysical

  1. If the field FixedExchange rate has no value the code should consider currency from the salesline and respective latest currency rate from the table ExchRates and the formula should be

Back order amount = (Currency’s latestExchRate * SalesPrice) * RemainInventPhysical

Thanks in Advance.