Sales Order Date

Hi All,

I want to change the Sales Order date to give impact of different price as set in trade agreement.

I can not change the order date and because of that system is fetching price which I dont want.

So can anybody help me how to change the sales order date.?


Jainal Shah

Hi Jainal,

Basically system date will be taken as sales order date. If you want your order to be placed on the date you like, then you have to change the session date (Tools → Session date and time).

If it is related to sales delivery, then you have an option of changing the delivery dates by going to sales order (header view → delivery tab)



Hi Jainal,

Like Lixin said, you can do the process for changing the date.

One more thing,When you give the price & dates (To date and From date) in the Trade agreements then it will fetch the same price between the dates which you mentioned in the trade agreement forms and same price will be considered & it ignore the earlier price. check your date ranges mentioned in TA.

For ex: if your selecting Trade agreements > Sales Price. In the Sales price form mention Quantity,price and to/ from dates then it will fetch the same price & if you mention any discounts show it in the sale order lines> price/discount tab.

If you did all the above mentioned setups properly and still your facing problem then let us know what error it is throwing.


There will not be any thing called order date, you will have sales order created date which is a system field and cannot be modified.

It considers the system date for getting the related trade agreement, so you can try by changing the system date.

In AX 2012, you have a parameter to choose the agreement based on today’s date or Requested ship date or Requested Receipt date

Thanks all for your solutions.

As Kranthi said, I can change the set up & make that as Requested Ship date to get the proper price.



Hi Kranthi ,

Can you share the path of the parameter ?

AR parameters → Prices → prices → date type

Thanks Kranthi.