Sales Order Customization

Hi All,

What I am asking (Q1) General Tab i m creating new record sales order customer form will open in custable added new field ( (BNumber)

if we not fill the field i want open infolog NOT FILL THE BNumber (Q2) price/dicount Tab If select in method of payment ( BNumber) i want post the confirmation ( But No needed For Fill Bnumber in sales table form General Tab)

Hi Nagulu,

Can you please elaborate your requirement.

What functionality you require and where?



During confirmation of sales order LC No. was mandate.


At the time of creation of new sales order once the Export Order check box is selected, then at time of confirmation of sales order a dialog box should appear asking to specifying the LC number. But at the time of invoicing if the LC detail is not filled then it should not further allow to post that invoice.

These condition should hold good when the method of payment is selected as LC. If the method of payment is other than LC like TT, cheque then the above condition will be false