Sales Order Creation Using AIF

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me which classes are responsible for creating sales order using AIF…?

How the salestable, salesline and custtable fields gets updated when the SO created via AIF…?(EDI tool)

Thanks in Advance…

You should know about the document service classes.…/cc582145.aspx

Thanks for your valuable reply…Actually the requirement is I have added one enum field in custtable, based on that field’s value I will use format for packing slip and the value will be updated to Salestable.
For the manual creation of SO it is working fine…

If we create SO using AIF(EDI tool) it’s not working…
Please tell me how can I proceed on this?

So you have added a custom field in SalesTable and the value needs to be updated from custTable?
If so have you updated the service after adding the field?…/ff628056(v=ax.50).aspx
This will add set/parm methods to \Classes\AxSalesTable. Leter you can modify them as per your need.
Have a look at , how the cust group from cust table is set on the sales table
\Classes\AxSalesTable\setTableFields - setCustGroup is called here

Thanks for your reply kranthi. I will check this

So I have to add one parmMethod and setField method and I should call in \Classes\AxSalesTable\setTableFields right?

Updating the service will add those methods, then modify them as per your requirement. You need to call setField in setTableFields method.

Thanks for your reply kranthi. I will work on this and get back to you shortly.

How can I create SO using AIF…? since i dont have access to EDI tool

You can try searching on the web. Here are some links,…/ff628055(v=ax.50).aspx…/

Thanks for your reply…I have used inbound port for SalesOrderCreate and created the SO by using XML.

Hi Kranthi,
I have to update the custom field value to CustPackingSlipJour too…How can i do this?

How you are posting the packing slip?

If you are posting it from AX, then look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\CustPackingSlipJour\Methods\initFromSalesTable