Sales Order copy document error

Hi, We have a situation on Navision 3.10. A company without any permission to currencies get a error message of “ You have changed Order date on the sales header , but it has not been changed on the existing sales lines. The exchange rate may affect the price calculation on the sales lines.” when a user tries to use Copy Document function on Sales Order. There is no currencies set up at all. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Trin

Hi, This is a standard Navision message in table 36 SalesHeader PriceMessageIfSalesLinesExist(ChangedFieldName : Text[100]) You can ignore it. If you want to suppres the message you can modify Codeunit 6620 and Set the HideValidationDialog in the SalesHeader on True in function CopySalesDoc

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your information. Trin