sales order confirmation form

Hello DAX Guys,

when I try generate sales order confirmation I am getting “Posting” form instead of “confirm sales order”. which I attached with this query? what should be the reason to come like this? and can you please help me out how to change this?it is urgent .

this one is not accepting two attachments in one message. first I am sending posting form. later I will send confirm sales order form. i need confirm sales order form to be print when i click on sales order confirmation.

HI santhose select quantity as >> all

Ganesh Thanks for quick reply. I am unable to select the quantity. it is not editable. not only quantity, i am unable to select post and late selection buttons. and other options also . it is going to wrong form

Dear ,

Please tick following field in Purchase Paramter form

Prompt quantity
field value when

The quantity parameter will not be editable for confirmation.(as you are just confirming the sales order)

Yes, Kranthi you are correct, but when i try to confirm sales order it is going to posting form not to the confirmation form. how to resolve this one. please help me on this issue.