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How to find out the back order details in sales order/ When ever you place a selling order the items is insufficent then the order will go to back order ,if we select alternative item is never ,my question is how to find out that back orders.

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In Sales Order, as well as Purchase Order, Back order means the particular order is in Open order. Just filter the data as Open order in sales order header and u will get all the back order details.

AR → Inquiries → Order status → Back Order Lines

(Or) Customer → Inquiries → Back Order Lines

In AX terms a back order is where the order has not been delivered and the delivered date is in the past.

can i knwo the diff between the back order line and open sales order lines

Back Order Lines will give you the information of lines that are not yet deilvered and need to be deliverd with in the selected date.

The back order lines can be open sales order lines but all the open sales order lines need to be considered as back order lines as they depend on the delivery.

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As Kranthi said, this is for all open orders in the sales table. Also, if u check the enum used for SalesStaus, you will find open order option is labeled as back Order…

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thanks kranthi