Sales order approval that depends on customer balance

When i set credit limit to 1000 that means if customer balance is more than 1000 that customer will need approval for their sales order.

Is there a way for a new sales order with total amount 1100 to ask approval when a following conditions happened :

  • customer balance 1000

  • credit limit 2000


In Document approval setup (Approval Templates) there is an option available , Set the Limit Type as Credit Limit and this will be applicable only for sales documents.

this will check the customer credit limit LCY and sends the document for approval.


Jerome Marshal. J

Where i can find this Document Approval Setup ? I’m using Nav 4 sp3

it will be in administration - Document approval (Im nt sure in NAV 4 SP3)

Still can’t find it. Is it only exist on later version ?

Document Approval is not in NAV SP3.

But in customer card there is already Credit limit.