Sales Order and Invoice is not the same

my company’s transaction always base on project
so it often the claim from customer in invoice is not the same with sales order
because of that we cannot make the invoice automatically from Sales Order

then if we want to make invoice, we must undo shipment Sales Order and Delivery Order
errghhh it will be full of meticulous details…

according to this situation, so we make invoice from the beginning
(it means we must input data like we input Sales Order again)

do you have better idea for my situation?
thanx all of you…

What do you mean that the sales order and invoice are different? If the data on them is the same, they will be the same.


If you have an order, and deliver something completely different you are correct, you cannot automatically make the invoice from the order. You should not be undoing the shipment, as you will not have shipped the incorrect goods [:D] And yes you will need to input the data again, Navision is not (yet) clever enough to know there is an order for one item, you have shipped something completely different and to invoice this different item.

to post the invoice through Sales Order, the condition is all item must be shipped when posting invoice
if not, so we cannot make invoice… according to that situation we must make invoice from the beginning

That’s not true. The Quantity to Invoice is editable as well as the Quantity to Ship. Just change the QtI to the shipped quantity and post Invoice.

The system will generate the invoice based upon the quantity to invoice, obviously as Anna has said, this can be altered. There is no inherent check within Navision that the quantity invoiced is the full quantity ordered, the only real way you would ensure that is to not have partial shipments, but I guess this wil lbe too restrictive on the shipments, so you will need to modify the invoice routine based upon the quantity ordered, which then bears no relation to the quantity shipped and could have impact on the projects and cashflow so you will need to serioulsy consider the implications of the change.

the problem is when i want to create invoice from Sales Order (and the quantity is not the same), i must do the undo shipment first…
for your information, I don’t have granule for Sales order Return
do you have the best tips for problem like this?

Hi Stan

Please give an example.

Quantity 10
Shipped 5
Invoice ?

Still do not know why you need to undo the shipment.

for example for the case is like this
Customer wants to buy Product A,B,C,D,E
but while we create Sales Order in navision, there is a human error like he/she inputs A,F,C,D,E
if it’s happened like that… we must make the invoice again from the beginning (including undo shipment if we had create Delivery order)

Than you have to undo the shipping, because otherwise inventory for both items will not be correct.

What you could do is make a small modification in the sales line:

when entering a different item on a line that already is shipped, but not yet invoiced, ask for automatic undoing of the shipment. If So, call a function to undo the shipping for that line.