Sales Line count during packing slip


Can someone help me for the below,

While trying to post a packing slip

  1. How to get the total no of sale lines present in that packing slip which is going to be posted.

2.For a particular sales line,charges can be added by (Financials–>Maintain Charges). How to get the total no of charges defined for that sales line.

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  1. look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesParmTable\Methods\numberOfLines

  2. look at how salesLine and salesTable are related to MarkupTrans (which stores the Misc.Charges transactions)

Dear Rajee,

Before posting Product receipt you can get the detail as you requested from the following path mentioned below.

sales order → General Tab:-- Related Information → Line Quantity

here you will get the detail and there are many function also which you can use like delivery schedule, receive now etc.

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Thanks Kranthi, with your advice was able to achieve the required.

Hi Kranti,

do we have to make some changes in code to achieve number of line before posting packing slip.

can you assist me more with this.


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That depends on where/why do you need it. I have given the reference of an existing API to find the number of Lines.