Sales Lead Time

Hi every one,

I need you help reragrding the sales Lead Time :

Standard Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a view on intercompany stock on hand. but, we don’t have information regarding Sales lead time concerning stock on hand.
In the Sales Order, double click on a sale then click on line view, select an item then go to inventory and finally click on On-Hand.
In this form (InventOnhandInterCompany), I need to get the sales Lead Time.
is there any one who’s already developped a method that retrieves this information?

Thank you for your help !!

What is the need of having the lead time on the onhand form?

Hi Kranthi,

I hope you’re doing great, and thank you again for being available.

Indeed, I need to get the lead time on the onhand form, a display method that provides the lead time per Item and per company.

The main need is to get the information about stock on hand per COS and Delivery time.