Sales item forecasts


I have two questions regarding forecasts for anyone who has some info in this area:

  1. is there an expiration date that can be associated with each item on a sales forecast or someway to achieve the equivalent functionality (disabling an item in the forecast from being considered by the MRP planning engine)?

  2. Does AX maintain past forecasts in the database to allow for analysis (forecast data vs actual shipments or sales orders)?

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  1. Set the coverage group on the item to manual.

  2. Yes (unless you delete them)

Thank you Adam. That will address some items we have and whereby we do not want them to be planned via MRP.

I would also have items whereby each week, the customer sends in forecasts that update a forecast for items in the future (i.e. I have a forecast for the week of 4/8 that was submitted this past Monday. Next week, on Monday I will get another forecast for the same item, for the same week (4/8) and it is likely to change from the forecast I received this past Monday. I am trying to find a way to maintain the forecast sent this week in the database for analysis purposes while making sure MRP would pick up the latest forecast submitted). I thought if there was an expiration date on a forecast item line, I might be able to do this. Howeveer, if not I may have to overwrite a future forecast with an updated forecast for that future week. If you know any way around this, it is welcomed.

You need to bring them into different forecast models, this is how the differentiations are made otherwise you would have no version history.

Thank you Adam. I will give it try.