Sales Invoicing before Shipping

has anyone done any customisation on navision to allow invoicing before shipping? because i need to know what is the impact of this customisation…

I’ve done this customization and it has been running for 4 years. We did it so that a single physical document could act a the pick list, pack list and customer invoice. It involved creating a new version of the invoice print object that was based on the Sales Header and Sales Line tables (i.e. before posting). The mechanical aspects of this were relatively simple except for US sales tax calculation. During Order Entry, sales taxes are calculated on a per line basis; in the Posted Invoice, sales taxes are calculated based on tax group summary totals. This creates rounding differences. Resolving this was a significant challenge. Having done so, we have no problem with printing initial invoices before posting and doing all our reprints, statements, etc. from the Posted Invoice tables. The main issue is procedural, making sure that sales orders are not changed after invoicing and before posting. In our instance, on the rare occasion that the pick discovers an item out of stock, we have to reprint the invoice to match what is actually going to be shipped. We also make sure that all invoiced orders are posted before running various sales statistics or accounting reports. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

you mentioned something about creating a whole new sales order form altogether… what about just disabling the invoice before shipment restriction, which existingly is in the sales order form. i was thinking more in the lines of that. if i were to just disable that restiction, what kind of complications would i face?

The standard invoice is driven by the Posted Invoice tables (Sales Invoice Header and Sales Invoice Lines, # 112 & 113). The order isn’t in those tables until it is posted. If you want to invoice before posting you must access data from the Sales Header and Sales Line tables (# 36 & 37), a different place. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner