Sales Invoices Print

Hi all,

I am looking into simple printing of selected invoices functionality. When you open

/Accounts receivable/Common/Customer invoices/Open customer invoices,

you will see the list of invoices. The Invoice tab will give you the possibility to view, send or print selected documents. When i select multiple invoices, and click Print, or View, only the last Invoice printed will show the SalesTax field, and it would be missing on all other printouts. The SalsTax fields is coming from SalesInvoiceDP, but there is a custom Tmp table which provides data, similar to SalesInvoiceTmp for other fields.

So the easiest thing to see why the fields are empty , would be to set a breakpoint, and see where the data disappear , going through code. But guess what, as soon as you hit a breakpoint, all invoices come out perfect!

Can anyone please give some suggestions, if you have had a similar case where you would get a different behavior depending are you debugging or not.