Sales Invoice


Can we make a sales invoice without posting to customer Ledger entries and G/L entries of selected customer where as

sales shipment and sales Invoice table will created along with stock posting entries i.e. ILE,VLE,G/L entry.


Sunil Mishra


Customer Ledger entries & G/L Entries required because it contains financial entries and it should displayed in Chart of Accounts otherwise TB ,Balance Sheet will never match and you will never get profit.

If we don’t have customer ledger entries then we can not knock out the invoices against the payment we received and so on…

Why do you need something like this to happen? Can you let us know the situation, may be there is some alternate solution to this.


Because this is client requirement.(Item free of Cost).

FOC items can have 0 as unit price. Anyways it will not affect the invoice amount… isn’t it?

What exactly your client required??? Can u explain??

Is there any setups in NAV which bypass the customer posting whereas posting all (ILE, VLE, G/L for inventory and COGS, Sales shipment and Invoice).

Actually it is happening in system. Not frequent but once in a month or in a two month, with any customer sale. There are no customization done for this except field level validation. Process running as well as base.

No… there is no setup in Base NAV which will prevent posting to CLE and DCLE if a sales invoice is posted.


What will happen if you give 100% discount in the sales invoice or Place a check mark in Free Supply in sales line (same as 100% discount)

You have some thing in item table as Inventory Value Zero which might help for Item ledger entry.

Is there any issue if there is those entries with 0 value posted.


You can not bypass the ledger entries passed in ILE,VE,GL Entry.

As well as Navision allow posting with zero value. Kindly check that part too.

Try to understand from client what exactly they required and make them understand the basic conecept of the system and functionality

If u don’t want costing related entries for a Item in the system then u can follow what Mr. Manish has suggested by making Inventory value zero in item card true.

Value entry , ILE will be created but the cost will be zero and no inventory account or Cogs will be impacted.


Faisal Bukhari