Sales Invoice without packing slip


I am using AX2009. Sales Invoice can’t post without packing slip. But before 2 days one export sales order got invoiced without packing slip. End User confirmed export sales order, picking list with registration and invoice happened without packing slip. Can any body inform is really this happens in AX and how?

There is a sale cycle setup, but this is only available for Spain.

Anyway you can enable the deduction requirements in inventory model group, which will not allow you the financial deduction(invoice) until it is physically(packing slip) deducted.

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Can you explain about this functionality in detail and how does it work ?

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Inventory model group for my finish good items is -

6266.FG inventory model group.JPG

My all sales order got invoiced after only packing slip. But one export sales order got invioce without packing slip. I want to know how’s this possible? My steps for sales cycle is -

  1. Sales Order

  2. Confirm Sales Order

  3. Picking List

  4. Picking List Registration

  5. Packing Slip

  6. Sales Invoice

I see the deduction requirements for sales orders works from AX 2012. You can implement the same in AX 2009.

The deduction requirements will stop the posting of invoice without posting the packing slip.

There is no other restriction to stop the invoice being posted without doing the packing slip.

Thanks for your reply Kranthi.

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