Sales Invoice Report - Terms and Conditions Page

I am trying to print the Terms and conditions page while printing the standard NAV Sales Invoice report. Terms and conditions are page full and has to be printed for every copy of the sales invoice.

I have designed a separate table to store these T & Cs and it is easy to fetch the records in the Sales Invoice.

Only problem is that I want to use Tablix control to print this on the last page but I can use this only in report body and with standard NAV Sales Invoice report having a page footer throws the report off when I use this tablix.

Anyone has any idea on what can be the possible trick to print T & Cs on the last page?

Thank you.


As you said you are adding TnC in Standard Sales Invoice Report , Here is what you need to do -

  1. Make sure that your Tnc Table is Inside the List of Standard Sales invoice Report Layout Body Section.
    ** This will make sure that it comes in the end of the Report and also repeat Tnc if user select multiple copies to print.

  2. Go to Tnc Table Properties - Under Page Break Options (in General Tab) select “Add a Page Break Before” Boolean.
    ** This will make sure that whenever Report Execution completed it breaks the Page and start Tnc in a New Page.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Saurav,

Thank you for the reply.

The solution which you suggested will work for the Worldwide version of the Sales Invoice report (206) which doesn’t have the page footer in it but I should’ve mentioned in my original post that I am working on the US version of the Sales Invoice report (10074) to add TnC which has a page footer for printing the totals for the sales invoice.

I am including the screenshot of the visual layout of the report and also the print preview (1. Without TnC and 2. With TnC) of the actual report for your reference.

I am going to see if I can replicate some of the functionality of report 206 to the report 10074.

Thank you again for your reply.


SalesInv - Without TnC.pdf (159 KB)SalesInv - With TnC.pdf (160 KB)


Ok I got your point.

But i am pretty sure that if your customer is ok, then you can move the totals from Report Footer to the Body Section by Creating a table with headers only (as no footer information will repeat). The information in page footer will be kind of Last(Some fields) which currently mapped to a hidden box in body section).

In this way your Tnc Will appear after the totals.

Only issue that might occur (data based) is - If a invoice end in mid of page and footer table is not fully fit in that page, then footer table (new table) will move to next page.

So it all based on your customer requirement. Let me know your views on this.

Hi Saurav,

It sounded like the solution to go with but this is what happened when I tried it.

  1. Added List and rectangle and the groupings.
  2. Moved the sales lines Tablix of report body to the rectangle.
  3. Removed the page footer and moved all the total fields to the rectangle.
  4. Added new table to print the Terms and conditions.

But since Visual Studio reserves the space for page footer on each page the T & C started printing somewhere from the middle of the page instead of top of the page and that is the problem.

Will see if I find some other alternatives.

Thank you for the replies.