Sales Invoice on Explosion of an Item

Hi All,

I am Doing Explosion of an Item on Sales Order Line for My Partial Packing Slip, But now when i want to do Invoicing for the 0 Level ( Finish Good ) Item, How can i do that ?

as the Item Quantity Becomes Zero, when You do Explosion on the Sales Order.

Thanking You.

You cannot, once exploded the relationship disappears. If you are sending only part of the product you obviously cannot invoice for all anyway.

Thanks !!

But is there any work around for the same, as it is common functionality of Heavy Mafg Industry ?

One suggestion i was thinking as, to have Sales Order Confirmation Line Print on Sales Invoice line while doing print Outs.

but i don’t know what could be the Financial Implication if do so as there will be no Quantity and price actually on Line, but showing quantity just only for print outs.

Thanking You.

Basicallly you sell and manufacture the top product, exploding it on the sales line shows no requirement for the parent so you do not make it. This means you need to modfiy the entire explosion process, or as in the majority of cases this is documentation you simply design the documents to look at the sub-bom or active BOM and print the details whilst the source data in the system holds true to the item number.

The need to explode the BOM is not common functionality in the heavy manufacturing industry, although it is common to want to show the make up of the final part they are being invoiced for, the explosion in real terms negates manufacturing and skews all sales reporting metrics.