Sales Invoice Number Sequence- Skip Even Number

Hi ,

we are using AX 2012 R2 ,Invoice Number Sequence Odd Number Skips only Even Number prints.

I have Changed Number Sequence twice , But its still remain same .

On Number Sequence , Next Number Shows Correctly but while invoice its skip that Number . Refer attached Pic.

Kindly advise , what could be the issue .



Hi Raj,

I can only think it can happen if you are using the same sequence number for something else, like packing slip numbering, that goes together with invoicing…

If you are developer please check code once to be more specific if its a same number sequence.Or just try to change format to see if you are in right direction…

are you using preallocation?

wild try - try to turn off continuous on the number sequence and see if the same thing is happening

No, But manage to sort out the issue . by Creating new Number Sequence with Diff Segment Like S20-21-