Sales Invoice directly from Purchase Invoicing - Not using stock

Hi All

I have had a request from a client today that has really got me thinking and I need some advice/to know if anyone has seen something similar and how you handled it.

My client is not dealing with items and all transactions are postings directly into G/L Accounts. They would like to raise Sales Invoices automatically off the back of an already raised (and also possibly posted) Purchase Invoice.

When dealing with stock this becomes relatively simple using the drop shipment functionality but what about dealing strictly with G/L movements? Has anyone automated this for their clients and if so what did you do?

Thanks in advance for your replies :wink:

Hi Gemma,

As it sounds like you already know, then this is not standard in NAV. Only dropships/special orders with Items works this way.

But with the fact that what makes “stuff” like this complex is handling the inventory, then doing only with G/L, then it becomes easier. Except, that I would not think that you would use the same G/L account for both purchase and sales?

You would like to link Purchase Invoice with Sales Invoice.Then you have do the purchase & sales invocing with same G/L Account and provide one field in Sales Invoice for selecting the purchase Invoice No