Sales Invoice and misc charges

Hi guys.

I am a beginner Ax developer. I need to split up the misc charges by markupcode in the sales invoice report. The user can enter the misc charge either way via on the sales order or sales order line. How can I achieve this? Can anyone provide me the method to do this? Thanks


I was wondering if someone can give me an idea on this


Look into this for reference

thank you

hi jyothi. I created the below code script based on the logic you used. It does not return anything. Can someone help? I need to get the markupcode and the value associated wth the code.

display MarkupCode MarkupCode()

MarkupCode _MarkupCode;

AmountCur _MarkupAmount;

while select sum(value), MarkupCode from MarkupTrans
where MarkupTrans.TransTableId == CustInvoiceJour.TableId
&& MarkupTrans.TransRecId == CustInvoiceJour.RecId

_MarkupCode = MarkUpTrans.MarkupCode;
_MarkupAmount = MarkUpTrans.Value;

return _MarkupCode + int2Str(_MarkUpAmount);



Try dis logic in execute() of your body and check with debugger

while select markupTrans where markupTrans.TransTableId == CustInvoiceJour .TableId

&& markupTrans.TransRecId == CustInvoiceJour .RecId

join markTable

where markTable.MarkupCode == markupTrans.MarkupCode

&& markTable.ModuleType == ModuleInventCustVend::Cust


_MarkupAmount = markUp::calcTrans(markupTrans,externalcustInvoiceJour.Qty, externalcustInvoiceJour.netAmount());

_MarkupCode = markupTrans.txt;


Hi. Thank you for your reply. I think you misunderstood what I am trying to do. Let me clarify:

Let’s say I have a misc charge on the order line for the packaging worth $50. And another $50 for the same misc category type on the order ($150).

I would like to display $200 pakaging int the page footer section. Thanks