Sales in AX


I’m mainly use NAV but now it seems as I’d need to go with AX (2012 or 2012 R3 Retail/eCommerce) as well. The questions I have is about Sales. In NAV if invoice posted it could go to sub-ledgers as Customer Ledger Entry, Item Ledger Entry, and General ledger. If I need to create a Sales by Items and Customer report I’m getting all data from Item Ledger Entry table where ‘Entry Type’ = ‘Sale’.

From what table(s) could I get it in AX and with what conditions/filtering?


CustInvoiceTrans basically

Thank you very much for the answer. Could you please also answer a related to the CustInvoiceTrans question. E.g. in NAV I could get Amount and Amount (LCY) that are in a transaction currency and in local currency from the ItemLedgerEntry. If the transaction is in CAD and the local currency is CAD then the amounts would be the same but if the transaction is in USD and the local currency is CAD then it’ll be two different amounts shown. Could I get it from the CustInvoiceTrans too or I’d need to go through the exchange rate table to do the calculations?

Should I also convert/offset datetime field to show it in a report as it seems as it’s in UTC in AX tables. Please, advise.


LineAmount is the the amount in invoice currency (CurrencyCode), while LineAmountMST is in local currency

InvoiceDate is keeping the date of the invoice, not the moment when invoice was issue, so I see no reason why to convert it depending on the UTC. same date is used for booking in GL

Great! Thank you so much.