Sales Header Form

Hello everyone,

I Created a Form named Form A, the SourceTable is Sales Header. But I do not want to the all record of Sales Header.

I have add a field named “No. of Days” ( the type is Integer) in Customer table.

The requirement show the record that ETD (Sales Header Table’s ETD)<TODAY+“No. of Days” in my Form A.

what should I do?

This is my Form A

You need to filter on OnOpenForm on ETD with <TODAY+“No. of Days”.

But as per your Design you dont have “No. of Days” in Sales header Table.

Better you Create a new field in sales header and insert the field with <TODAY+“No. of Days” everytime in Sell-to Customer No. OnValidate.

Then you can filter like


No. Today is the day I open the Form, not I New the Sales Header.Such as I open the form is 11/10/11, Today is 11/10/11, and I open the Form is in 15/11/10. today is 15/10/11

It doesn’t matter where the value is stored, you have to set a filter. You do that either via a RunFormLink or in code on the form that is being run (OnOpenForm). This one doesn’t sound like it can be done with the properties so I would go the code route. Try that, see if it works, and if not post what you have done so other can have a look and tell you where you went wrong.