Sales group / person Question

So in AX 2012 you have a Customer that has a Sales group / person that is assigned and each customer can have multiple addresses.

I’m trying to do something a bit different.

I have an instance where the Sales people are assigned to an address (location). So there is one customer, that has many address (locations) and Salespeople are assigned to various regions. So a single customer will have many salespeople.

So I have Customer 100100.
It has 5 addresses (locations) all over the country.
New York
Los Angeles

There are 5 Salespeople that service this customer but at specific locations. So in New York there is one salesperson but in Los Angeles there is another and so forth.

When I do commissions I would like to calculate the commissions by the address location and not the customer. I don’t see a way to assign a sales person to the address, only the custmer.

In the above example I can create 5 customers and have each one have a single address but that is rather cumbersome for the examples where there is 100 addresses.

Any suggestions here?

Thanks in advance.

Altough, i only on ax2009. I think you will have to make many customers without a mod. Sounds like you should be using the parent account (invoice account) child account (customer account) to make this work. Each child account (customer account) can have different sales group.

I was hoping someone had a slick soltion for this without custom coding.

you have two solutions only .

a) Standard

when it comes standard ,Create the seperate customer code as per delivery location .

b) Customization .

When it comes to customization , you can add the sales group code to deveivery location table , when user selected the Alt. Address code in during creation of the sales order , the same code will flow to sales order .

I hope this helps.

AX2009 again but the sales group was only ever customer level, so we modified it by address and updated the sales order based upon this and reported on the invoiced sales order.