Sales Forecasts in Master Planning

I am currently working with AX V4 and one of our sites wants to start using sales forecasts to drive Master Planning. To this end we have created a Forecast Plan and loaded forecsts against end products. We have ensured that the Calendar is set up until 2017 and the relevant coverage groups are set up. However when we run Master Planning, the Item Sales Forecasts are not picket up (Planned Production Ordersare not gemerated for the forecast demand). The Master Plan picks up actual Sales Orders correctly, it just appears to ignore the Forecasts. Does anyone know what we have failed to do? Any information gratefully received.

You need to run the forecast scheduling

You need to point your Master Plan at the Forecast Plan.

Then it should work. Apologies it has been a long time since version 4, but if you have not done step 1 that is the reason!

Hi AdamRoue, thanks for the reply but we have done that. We setup a Forecast Plan (to include Sales forecasts) and attached this to the Master Plan. We ran the Forecast Plan then ran the Master Plan. We tested this on an Item that had no stock and limited Sales Orders (which were much less in quantity than the Forecasts). We checked the time fences on both plans (all set to 365 days -w hich covers the time frame of all the forecasts) but still the Master Plan does not appear to recognise the forecst.

Have you set a reduction key?

Set a forecast for an item with no stock and no sales order - does planning plan for it? If not then you have not configured it correctly - this could be the related forecast plan, the forecast plan itself, the time fence for forecasts etc.

We have a reduction key set up for zero reduction per month over 12 monthly buckets (the period our forecast covers). We have double checked the Forecast Plan and time feces and can see nothing wrong - but still Planning does not pick up the forecast…

If you put an item on with no stock and a forecast and you run the plan and nothing comes through then you have an issue either in the model you have put your forecast against, the forecast scheduling reference/setup or the way the master plan is seeing the forecast. Look at the statistics against the session log of the forecast to verify it is generating a forecast, then look at the session log of the master plan and check the number of demand forecast lines. Then check the net requirements for an item planned and see if the forecast in the future is a demand line.