Sales experience with NAV

Dear All …

Can you please share some sales and presales experience with NAV 2009 ???

hi Abhilash ,

Navision presales fully depend on the customer whom you are targeting and the business they are into. Navision suites for middle size company.

I suggest best way is the presentation but less PPt but more demo on NAV and let them see it ,

if possible try to demo on RTC with graphs , maps , outlook , notification ,aging/fiancé/Itemwise/Tax reports , BI tools

All the above you should have more functional knowledge of Navision then technical on below



Service Industry

Food Industry

Education Institute

yes samu

u r ryt.

Thank you verymuch Samu,

for a DEMO to be more effective, you should have a wide range of knowledge on your proscpect client. it will create a good impression if you could research for some of their vendors, customers and items and include them in the demo database that you’ll present. for PPT presentation, do it in bullet form and as a reference so your audience won’t lose track on what you’re saying, but still you must stick on navigating the system itself. i bet you know the rule on PPT presentation that if you would want to highlight a matter, say you have to answer a question from your audience, you can opt to to press B or W so to blacken or whiten you PPT while discussing your point. during demo presentation you would also be asked of several questions and just a tip, don’t answer outrightly even if you know the answer. you can pause for a few seconds so that when the time comes that you’re not sure of the answer, there will be no difference on your response time. Lastly, during presentations, be sure to catch everybody’s attention by asking the audience for any question in their mind.

oh! also, be sure to know beforehand you demo attendees. whether they are from the top management, finance, IT, operation, etc. there may be times that the audience are pure IT people and for sure you would not want to talk about debit, credit, financial statements, cash flow, taxes, and other highly technical finance related terms.

good luck.


In my experince for presale only IT manager ,fiance manager, Top level people are auuidance- once they finalize kick off(sale) meeting , for sytem study only other auidance are considered

as NAV is a ERP - finance team always look for finance reports. most of extra report are done for fiance only…



Thank you Morris

You are absolutely right Samu ,

Most of the people I met were IT and Finance and definitely top mgt. I am always try to show some ROI calculations along with RTC demo. I was done around 50 more demos now and trying to improve myself with NAV by the esteemed support of you guys

once again thanks for your advise

Abhilash Ambadi