Sales Doc Type of BLANK

Hello All - 3.10 / 3.60, Sales & Receivables → Sales Journal There is a document type of [Blank], amongst all the others. I’m wondering about this document {Blank} use. Navision’s on line help tells me it equals (Blank): ordinary G/L entry. Question: I have a Credit Memo with a balance of $500.00. I want to write this off, as it will NEVER be applied against an open Invoice. Would this be a good example of where it makes sense to use a [Blank] document? I’m thinking it would. If I used a document of “Invoice” to clear my CM, then I’m saying I had a Sale of $500.00 This isn’t true. I did two transactions in the Sales Journal - one as [Blank] and one as [Invoice]. I applied BOTH against an open Credit Memo. Both transactions appear to be the same and affect my CM the same. The only difference I see is that one is classified as a document type of Invoice & the other is [blank]. They both hit the same G/L accounts. Now, My assumption is that the big difference/issue may come when I run sales reports. Any Sales Report that filters for document types may exclude my [Blank] document if the report is focusing on Invoices / Credit Memos etc. Any thoughts? Anyone see any other difference/issue? Thanks

Hi - the document type for sales journals has a couple of effects: 1. firstly, the system will check that you are using the correct sign if the type is specified (that is, for an invoice the amount must be positive - a credit memo must be negative) 2. If you specify invoice, the system will age the customer ledger entry - calculating due dates and any payment discounts applicable 3. It is usefull in reports to specify whether customer ledger entries have been created as invoices or just contras / write offs to the ledger. Hope this helps Enjoy your weekend

Hi, for our customers we created a “rule” for using document types: If “paper” document which leavs or enters the company, it should be invoice or credit memo. If “real money” moves from or to the company, the doc type should be “Payment” or Refund" If “internal” doc is created (no paper or money leavs or enter the company) - it is {blank} doc. It is not 100% valid, but for most cases usable.