Sales Commission Questions

Hi All ,

I have configured the sales commission and created the sales order and post the invocie , i could able to see the commission details in the invoice journal - Commission in AX 2012 .

But my questions are

a) before post the sales order where can see the commission percentage and commission value in the sales order ?

b) After posting also where can i see the commission percentage in the invoice journal of sales order ?

c) Is it possible to assign the sales commission item wise , for example i have sales order 4 items and would pay different commission for eash item ?

Could any one knows about the answers ?

Hi …

A … No I do not believe that you can view before posting

B … The percentage is not shown only the value …

C … Yes, commissions can be calculated at item level …

Sales and marketing > Setup > Commissions > Commission calculation >

Sales and marketing > Commissions > Commission posting >

Also … just to make sure that you have the correct transaction combinations allowed:

Stock and warehouse management > Setup > Posting > Transaction combinations >

Hope this helps you

Can i know the path to see the sales value ?

Hi … To view the values posted

Sales ledger > Inquires > Journals > Invoice journal > In the invoice journals form, search / highlight the appropriate record, on the overview tab, click commission > Commission transactions


Sales and marketing > Common > Sales orders > Select a record, on the Action pane, click the Invoice tab. In the invoice Journals groups, click Invoice. In the Invoice journal form, on the Overview tab, click Commission > Commission transactions,


Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers > Select a record, on the Action pane, click Compensation tab. In the commission group click Commission transactions to view commission postings

Hope this is what you wanted

Hi Martin ,

Thanks for the reply .

I know about the process which you have explained in above , but the commission transactions will show the each sales person wise . I was looking like the total commission amount ( not individual sales person wise ).

Could you guide me the path of that functionality ?

Hi …

Have you looked at the standard report > Sales ledger > Reports > Commission > Transaction list >

Then apply advanced filters for date range, or workers, or items?

After that, I am not sure if there is anything ‘standard’ that will help you

Hi Rudy ,

Thanks for giving the path of the report.

but I am asking in the sales order level or invoice journal level ?