sales and receivables

For some odd reason Navision seems slow in this module the most all other modules seem fine. We have Navision 3.6 is there a issue with this module?

Hi Frank If you do a search in the forum on the “slow” topic you will probably find some assistance in this area. Essentially the speed, will be affected by lots of issues, server configuration, database in use, conneciton method, etc., but probably the easiest place to start is File - database - Tables (button). In here you have the record count and physical file size of the tables - I would suspect that if you are experiencing a slow sales and receivables issue the shipment, invoice, etc tables will be large. However speed can be related to many things - so have a look at a few of the other suggestions against slow in the forum. Have fun. [:D]

The #1 cause of “slow” is modifications including the addition of functions / reports not directly supported by the key structure.

Funny how you ALWAYS forget the really obvious [:I]