Sales Analysis

Hi, Does anyone have a large user system that has complex sales analysis requirements or sales analysis for large numbers of transactions. Has anyone developed anything or are using a 3rd party product. Our customer in question is based on the SQL Server 2000 option. Thank You

Hi Tim We have implemented for a client and sell the Business Intelligence and sales analysis tool called Targit ( For more info, visit

Quite a number of NSCs offer the Targit product. Yours may. It appears to be very flexible and comprehensive. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

We are using Navision Attain on SQL server. And also we have some 3rd party product for data-warehouse, it works very good. I’ve done some basic procedure in SQL to transform data from one database to another, make some agregates… :slight_smile:

We are using a 3rd party solution called Qlikview it is very very powerful. Has anybody seen and heard about this product.If not try out,You can build cubes in minutes and is very userfriendly. Best Rgds Patro