Sales Analysis Reports Dimension value will be the Column


Is there a way to create a SALES ANALYSIS but the Column is gonna be. The Dimension Value? Hoping for your reply.Thanks

How about just using “Analysis by dimensions”?


We want to display also the customer. In analysis by dimension…the customer cannot display…right? hoping for your reply. Thanks.

Partially right.

You can have up to 4 Dimensions in Analysis by Dimensions (+always G/L Account and Posting Date).

If you look at AbD in NAV, where it is dispalyed in matrix form, you can see a “flat” two-dimensional table where you can select any of max 4 included dimensions + GL Acc + Postingdate as Row or Column. But the most interesting feature is under Functions/Export to Excel. After exporting you don’t get a simple flat sheet, but an Excel Pivot Table, and there you have much more options to present the data, including two-or more level Rows (for example, first by Region, then Customer, then Product - assuming you have such Dimensions defined & included).

Such exported Pivot Table is much more powerful in slicing & dicing data than NAV matrix form - if you are familiar with Pivot Tables in Excel, then you know yourself its possibilities, which are greatly improved in 2007 version - for example, you can filter out lines with no values easily in contrary to NAV matrix form, where you can’t get rid of empty lines, which is annoying if only 5% of them are populated.


Thanks for the explanation. your right, I think we need to explore more on Pivot Table in Excel. Thanks for the Support…[Y]