Sales amount

Hi All ,

sales order -non stocked item does not the sales revenue accounts during the packing slip ? ( I agree with the packing slips accounts should not post , but why deferred revenue accounts ?)

Why MS has not given the option ?

Here you are not keeping the inventory record, but we have revenue account option in AX without Revenue we can not sale.

If we sale non stock item the sales revenue account should be there to track the sales.

I hope it clears you.


If it is a physical item then there is an argument to recognise the revenue at the point of shipment - services are not shipped, they are consumed as used, and therefore the invoice is deemed soon after so no need for non-stock items to hit the “inventory” driven accounts.

Thank you Adam for the reply,

I agree with you when the it come to the Manufacturing & Trade companies , but what about the Service industries .

A service industries will always do the services only and need to track the Accrual revenue .

I am really surprise that how MS Ignore some basic concepts .

Dear Lally,

in your case you can create services item with stocked check mark and allow negative inventory for the same this will solve your problem.

it is normal what you purchase and sale the record will be exist for that transaction but not for the items which is not purchased but still you want to sell the items.

The basic concept of a service is it is consumed and invoiced immediately - so the “shipment” of it is irrelevant. MS have not missed any basic accountancy concept in my eyes here. What are you defining as a “service” that is delivered and then invoiced with a noticeable gap post shipment?