Sales Agreement

Dear All,

Regarding the Sales Agreement,

I was Created one Sales Agreement as a Default Commitment is Product Quantity Commitment…

So here I am facing a problem was system is accepting the -Ve Quantity Also…

Eg: Crated a Sales Agreement for the Quantity of 10. based on the Customer I am going to release the Multiple Orders for the Respective Quantities… after the Fulfillment of Qty:10 System is accepting the SO with the -Ve Quantity.

Is there any Setup for this to Restrict the Released Order Based the Qty Fulfillment. If the Fulfillment is “0”, System Own Accept the Further SO or Release Orders


Vinod P

There will be a validation against the remaining qty to be released, if you chose Max is enforced on agreement line.

In AX2009 it did not nett off returns from the agreement, but this was brought in with AX2012. In essence there is an agreement to supply “x” at a certain price. If you say have 100 as the quantity. If you provide 10 and 5 are not up to the required standard then in essence you have only supplied 5 against the agreement, so the negative line does impact correctly in my opinion.


Thanks Kranthi