Sales Agreement confirmation data is not showing in Sales Agreement confirmation Form.


I have created a sales Agreement and confirmed, but it is not showing in Sales Agreement confirmation Form. But I confirmed second time, it is showing.

I need to show the first confirmation details in Sales Agreement confirmation Form.

Please help me how to rectify this problem.


How are you doing it? With code? Please provide more details.

What is your AX version? Please always tag the version.

Hi Kranthi,

we are using AX 2012 R3. I am Creating Sales Agreement through Sales Agreement Form.

Is it happening all the time or with a single agreement?

Have you tried to debug?

Hi Kranthi,

It is happening for all Items, Agreement header is coming but Line details is not coming.

So the line details are coming even second time. right?

Do you see the data in AgreementLineHistory table?

Hi Kranthi,

Line details are coming second time and data also saved in AgreementLineHistory Table

If you can reproduce the issue, then try debugging.



Hi Kranthi,

Sales Agreement confirmation is working in Development Server. This issue is coming only in live server. I have restored Live backup in Dev server, and tested it. its working fine. The Data also saved in AgreementLineHistory Table. but its not showing in confirmation Form.

Did you restored only the data or even the code?

I have restored full Application backup(data & code)

Have you tried by clearing the client cache?