Sale Return

Hi Experts ,

User is recivng FG return (Sale return) in terms of quantity ,but want to increase its stock in other item code (Scrap) in terms of KG .

We have defined FG weight in unit Conversation. Is there any functionality in AX or it will be customized? e.g. Item FG —1 Nos

(1.5 Kg its weight defiend in item unit conversion) At the time of sale return stock should be increase of item Scrap by 1.5 Kg

instead of FG . Is it Possible?

Looking forward from your side.


It is not possible to have item X on a sales return and have it automatically transform to item Y when received. You could write it in and then off again and back on again. The customer is sending you an item back, it is as simple as that, you are transforming it into a scrapped item, but you are making the assumption it is scrapped 100%, in most businesses this is assessed at the point of return and either scrapped or not.