Salary/Hourly Rate Question For Certified NAV 4.0 Developers


My first post to this community so please go easy on me!

On behalf of one of my clients in the USA, I am currently recruiting certified, MSFT Dynamics NAV 4.0 developers for their operations in Germany and Sweden. These are Permanent, non-consulting roles and, therefore, require no travel to/from client sites. In this regard, I have the following question.

Within the German and Swedish labor markets, respectively, what salary [in Euros] could a certified, NAV 4.0 developer - with at least 2+ years experience - command on an annual basis? By contrast, what would a Road Warrior consultant be able to charge, per hour/perday, excluding travel and entertainment expenses?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

David Parkes

Welcome to the Community David, I moved your post and deleted your cross-post, but no harm ment.

Well in general the Salaries for NAV developers in Europe are very similar, but adjusted to local markets in terms of i.e. very high taxes in Sweden (although not quite as high as in Denmark). So my answer is actually based on Danish Kroner, but adjusted to Euro’s.

In general a NAV developer with only 2 years of experience would take a salary from between 25K-35K DKK per month. That’s between 40K and 56K Euro per year. Some of the best developers with a lot more experience get upto about 80K Euro per year.