Safety stock doesnt suggest planned order for stockout during coverage time fence


I’m into food supply business and I have a requirement in the safety stock functionality which I am unable to meet.

AX 4.0 SP2

Coverage type: Period, time fence = 120 days

I have a coverage time fence of next 3 months and I need to maintain a minimum stock of 300 Kg every day. If the stock level is expected to go down due to any planned issues on any given day during the next 3 months, I am expecting AX to suggest a planned order for me so that the stock level is maintained.

But I have found that system doesnt generate any planned order for safety stock in the middle of the time fence. It either checks on today’s date or at the end of coverage time fence. I have also tried using ‘Minimum key’ and setting ‘Fulfil minimum’ to true. However it doesnt still doesnt suggest me a planned order if i am stockout during the coverage time fence.

If your coverage period is 120 days it would amalgamate demand, which is the point of the coverage type, you would need your period to be one day. What is it? As you have not stated this nor the negative/positive days it is difficult to say.

Hi Adam,

I didn’t put up too many details thinking it will be confusing. Apologies.

My requirement is to look at a time fence of 120 days and generate planned orders from sales orders combined by week (Period = 7 days). I also need to maintain a safety stock level of 300 kg at any point of those 120 days. That is, if on 50th day from today there is a planned issue, I want the system to create a planned PO so that minimum stock level is maintained.

I have tried a simple scenario. I have SOH of 400 kg today. On the 50th day, I have a SO of 200 kg. My minimum stock config is ‘Minimum = 300, fulfil minimum = coverage time fence.’

When I run master planning now, it pegs the SO of 200 against my safety stock on 50th day. And it creates a planned PO on 120th day for the safety stock. From 51st day to 120th day, I am below my safety stock level.

As mentioned before, I tried using minimum key but it didn’t yield desired result.

The minimum key is not relevant as it skews the minimum which is not what you want. In addtion the fulfil minimum is only triggered on minimum coverage types from memory.

It is clearly seeing the requirement as of the 50th but it is pushing it out to the 120th which is the end of the coverage period. This would be an impact from the negative/positive days what are these set to? This is the issue really, so many impacts and you have not provided all of the information so it is guess work [:D]

I have the same problem and I am struggling to find a solution. I agree that the mInimum Key is irrelevent

What I have found is you have to use the Fulfil = Coverage Time Fence in order for master planning to recognise the on hand stock and plan to use it; otherwise it prioritises the Safety Stock level over the sales order and tells you to make/buy some more to satisfy the sales order, often generating a futures date for the item to be supplied.

In the setup I am using the Coverage type = Period; Coverage Time Fence, Negative Days and Lead Time are all set to be the same (depending on the item), and the Positive Days = 550 (so that it will always plan to use existing stock. I have also tried this with Coverage Type = Min/Max and it makes no difference.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.



I am just wondering if you got a solution to this?

We are experiencing the exact same thing, though could not see any resolutions in this post.

This is causing us major grief, so any thoughts / other post links etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tj

Do you have something in the Frozen period?

Nopes. Still living with the pain.

I m checking min levels manually from the ReqTrans and doing the needful.

Can you post your coverage group settings and a stock and demand example that fails - explaining why you want it to plan and what you are expecting.


Just wanted to add an update on this from our findings.

We have determined, for our specific scenarios, that based on what the SafetyStockDate is the stock available (Accumulated) after that date is what you see in the Netrequirements - the SafetyStock(Min) value. You cannot actually see this in the NetRequirements unless you take of the default “! SafetyStock” filtering.

We worked back from there and found the calculations for this date are all in the “ReqCalc.safetyStockDate” and are all controlled by the “Fulfilment Minimum”.

On changing the FulfilmentMinimum, you will see the “SafetyStock” row in NetRequirements move accordingly, based on the case statement in the method mentioned.

Not sure if this will help anyone, though it did enable us to start using our stock without SafetyStock (Min) holding onto product we need to use for either Sale, Production, Transfer.

Thanks Tj

it was why the request was made for the item coverage group settings, there are various impact points that are set on the item and the option in the fulfil minimum is just one of them depending upon the issue and scenario - thanks for the update though :slight_smile: