Safe development

Hi, We are setting up development standards and have settled upon a solution that we hope will be safe. We currently have four developers, that will be working in geographically distant locations and as such it is important that we have procedures in place that prevent damaging each others code, etc. We plan to anforce working in separate application systems (ie copy the dev server’s copy of the application to a local folder before starting on a project and re-integrating the canges using po files) and this will protect the integrity of objects such as classes. Our concern is what happens with tables, obviously these are simply database tables with additional data such as methods, is there any way to protect developers from each other’s changes here? Thanks, Matt

Let everyone work in project area only. For insulating one from another create private projects with strict identity controls Regards, Anuj

Do you mean that it is OK for everyone to work in the same environment, but to just work in sepearate projects? How are these changes then applied systemwide? Is there any decent documentation in group development on axapta (other than the developers guide… it really isnt very useful at all in this regard). Thanks, Matt

Use the application on the development server as the control, and lock the object the developer wishes to modify before the developer modifies it on their local copy. This may not be pretty, but its the only way I can think of.