SAF-T PT - fields


I need to complete two fields in the company information of Navision Portugal to run SAF-T PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes) report and i dont know them.

Registration Authority and Registratino No.

Does anyone know what to write down on them?

Thank you for your help.


Isn’t the Online Help telling you anything?

I dont find it in any place…

Online Help is the help you get when on any form/page/report you press F1. If you have installed the Portuguese(PT) version of NAV the Help and you are on one of these two fields you mentioned above the help for these fiels should show up.

Next table of content should show is one of its last nodes Portuguese local functionalitywhere you canbrowse through the various PT help topics.

Hi Nacho.

Registration Authority must have the name of the “Conservatória do Registo Comercial” (C.R.C. is a legal department where the company was created). Tipically you’ll write down the County where the company is registered (Lisboa, Porto, Évora, Braga,…).

Registration No. is the VAT Registration Number of the company.

You can fin more info on PartnerSource:

Hope it can helps.