S.O Packing Slip

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In SalesOrder (active Record) check the record is first packing slip has done or not, with info message.

SalesOrder how to find out selected record is FirstPacking Slip is done or not.

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In the sales order form grid, there is one field called “Status”.

When the packingslip is done for this record, you can see the status of the record as “Delivered”.

Like this you can verfiy whether the packing slip is done or not for a particular record.



If the user can do the partial packingSlip also,

If the user do a partial packingslip the ‘so’ status will be in openorder (until it is totally delivered…).

If you want to know whether the packing slips happened to that see in the inquiries of that sales order.

To not allow the system to do invoice without doing the packing slip - enable the Picking Requirements in the Model Group for that item.(Then it throw an error(info) and stops doing the invoicing)…

Is this what you are looking for???

It maybe beneficial for you to post the question again, stating what you want. This is the developers forum, are you looking to find the first packing list from a sales line from a programming perspective? If it is the user interface then the Inquiries button as Kranthi states would be used, or you could look at the quantity tab of the lines, otherwise if fully delivered the status will be marked in this manner. The issue is that your question is open to interpretation so you will get lots of responses you do not require [:D]


As above said, please make your question elaborate.

As Kranth said, the sales order status will be open order, if partial packing slip is done.

To find out atleast one packing slip is done or not for a particular sales order, try to find out thru exist method in custpackingslipjour Table.

Like CustPackingSlipJour::Exist( ‘pass the sales order id’)

If the above line returns true, then partial packing slip is done for particular sales order.

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Hi Rama Krishna ,

I tried with this following code , its working

select firstonly custPackingSlipTrans
where custPackingSlipTrans.salesId == salesTable.salesId;

is it right process


The code “element.toChangeTheNumSeq();” is no where in SalesTable form.

I proposed a solution where you can check for a particular sales order whether partial packing slip is done or not. I hope that is your query.

Depending on your requirement you can go ahead.

if you come across any other requirement, please post as a separate thread and explain your query appropriately.



Hi Rama,

I am saying that inside if In my code,

I can able to get the first partial packing slip record,

that method is for my requirement I created,

is it right what I wrote.

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