???s in error messages

We are running Navision 2.01 using Citrix and Win2000 Terminal Server. On certain servers the error messages are displaying “???” instead of field names or field values: e.g. “You cannot enter ‘???’ in ??? (the cursor is in front of the invalid character)”. I am assuming that a message file is either missing or locked - does anyone know which file I should be looking for?

The message is stored in the etx file. But I don’t think that is the problem. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

Reasons for such behaviour could be a: A corrupted fin.etx(Error Text)file. Solution : Identify Server and replace existing fix.etx file with one coming with Navision Installation CD. Alternately, you can repair Installation on the Server where the problem is occuring. It looks problem is from etx file only but you can replace fin.stx also. Regards

I’m now encountering this problem with Navision 2.50 US. I’ve replaced the fin.etx and fin.stx but to no avail. It’s not happening on all the workstations, just a growing number. Any ideas?