Runtime of Dataports and Reports

we export data from our navision DE2.50 database into a MySQL-Database (data warehouse). This export is realized via a dataport. The runtime of the dataport is currently more than 1 hour. I could also solve this export by a report. But - what is faster ? Is there a difference in runtime between dataports and equal reports ? Does anybody this or does anybody has experiences ? Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Dataports, while easier to use are much slower than using a codeunit. “Back in the day” when Navision Financials was version 1.0 (cica Jan 1996) dataports were not available and all data trasfers were done in codeunits. When version 1.1 came out many were disapointed with the performance of the dataport. I am not sure if using a report is as fast as a codeunit. I know that reports do require slightly more overhead than codeunits. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

Hey William, hmmm… the only way to see what’s faster is to test it. Hopefully the codeunit is much more faster to break down this long runtime. thanks for the hint. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst