runon property in class

why we r using ‘runon’ property in class

It sounds like AX not NAV?

Hello Mohan,

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can specify whether a class, class instance, or class method will execute on the Application Object Server (AOS) or the client by setting the value of the RunOn property on the class. Classes have a property called RunOn with the following values:

  • Client

  • Called from (default setting)

  • Server

Objects created from the class exist at the location specified. For example, if the RunOn property for a class is set to Called from, the object will run where the code instantiating the object is running.

Classes that extend or inherit from another class also inherit the RunOn property. If the inherited RunOn property value is set to Client or Server, it cannot be modified. If the inherited RunOn property is set to Called from, it can be modified in the property settings for the class.

By default, class and table static methods run in the same location as the class object. To modify the default setting, you can add client or server, or both, to the class static method declaration. When the class object is set to client or server, you can add both client and server to the method declaration to set the RunOn property of a static method to Called from.

Thanks for ur reply.