RunObject Form

Hello everybody, I think I have a simple problem. I have two forms - form 1 (card form) - form 2 (tabular form) On form 1 I have a button : Which reffers to form2 On form 2 I have a button : Which reffers to form1 I do this with runobject : form1/form2 and property runformlink : Code=FIELD(Code) Now the result is that when i go to my overview form and have for example position 4, in the card form the 4th record is shown, which is correct, but it isn’t possible to scroll trough the other records. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? Greetzzz Steve

Yep, just like in the baseapplication. In the OnGetREcord (I think) of the form, you remove the filters on the primary key. For example, take a look at the Customer Card form. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Software development today is a race between the programmers trying to make better and more foolproof programs, and the universe trying to make bigger idiots. So far the universe is winning.

Thanks, that was a perfect solution.