RunObject Form set to Not editable


I have a form that call by several form when press button(not subform). For example Form A can call by Form B, C and D. Its call by button properties RunObject., not runmodel funtion.

So my problem is, it is possible Form A can set to editable or not editable depend call by different form. Lets say Form A cannot edit when call by Form B, but editable when call by Form C & D.

I try search the forum but fail, please let me know if any post provided solution.

Thank you.

Yes just create a form variable… and before you call your form from other forms use the below command depending upon your requirement.

myform.EDITABLE := true/false;



Hi Anil,

Thank for reply, but unfortunately I try this before and not working. =(

I try add code under OnOpenForm and OnPush function in form B(lets say form A call by form B) but fail.

Thank you.

This code will work… if it is placed in right area and right syntax…!



Then where you suggest to write the code? I try few ways already, even both side or function but still can’t. Below is my sample code that I try a week ago.

Name DataType Subtype

TestingForm Form FormA

Code Under Form B

Form - OnOpenForm()

TestingForm.editable := false;

TestingBtn - OnPush()

TestingForm.editable := false;

Other way I tried

Case 1

Form A Function - setEditable(EditForm - Boolean)

currform.editable := EditForm;

Form B OnOpenForm or OnPush function


Case 2

Form A OnOpenForm

if NOT formB.editable then

Currform.editable := false;

Thank you

onpush of function from formB if you are calling form A do this…

formB action onpushtrigger() place below code: